Everyone Loves a Great Golf Fundraiser


First things first you have to plan then plan and finally plan some more. The more organized you the fundraiser planner fundraising golf tournaments are the better your fundraiser will be. With a golfing fundraiser you will need to write a proposal, look for local sponsor ship, find a celebrity, locate a venue and advertise.

Your proposal should start with why you are fundraising is this to support a specific mission within your church or are you fundraising for a local cause. Your reason for fundraising must always be well defined. The second item in your proposal should be how much money you want to raise. Are you fundraising for a simple $1000 or are your goals much loftier. Be clear and concise. This always makes donors more open and willing to donate to your fundraiser.

Your next step in setting up your golfing fundraiser is to look for local sponsor ship. Contact local merchants and small business owners who may be willing to sponsor your fundraiser in exchange for some free advertising. If merchants know that a high traffic fundraiser like your golf fundraiser is available they may like putting there name out there. This serves two purposes, the first gains you credibility and funds and secondly it makes local merchants look good in the community.

Third on your list is to find a celebrity. If you live in a large enough community where you have television and radio stations you can invite a local personality to support your fundraiser. If someone in your organization has a contact for a big name celebrity what a great way to draw publicity to your golfing fundraiser.

Fourth on your list to put on a successful golf fundraiser is to locate a venue. Speak with all the local golf courses in your area about possible donating or giving you discounted greens fees. If you already have a celebrity signed up the golf courses may like the idea of a celebrity on there course. This becomes a great way for the golf course to advertise as well as looking generous by supporting your fundraiser.

Finally it is time to advertise. Advertise by all the means possible. Pull out all the stops as you advertise by print in newspapers and flyers. By air over the television and on radio. And the most valuable method of all is word of mouth. If your donors are excited about your golfing fundraiser they will surely talk it up to there friends and neighbors.