3 Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka


With rugged mountains, unspoiled beaches, and fertile soil that produces coconuts, tea, and spices, Sri Lanka offers travellers an incredible array of experiences unmatched even by an island this size.

Due to a constantly improving public transportation system, the rich culture of the island, delicious cuisine, stunning scenery, and amazing wildlife are now more easily accessible than ever before. Buses, trains, coaches, and tuk-tuks take visitors across the island at varying cost points. With so many beautiful locations to choose from, where should one begin?

It all depends on what you’re searching for—culture, art, or history—so the itinerary you write for Sri Lanka is bound to be different. But here’s our list of the accurate places to go on your Sri Lanka travel to get you off to a good start.

1. Colombo: The accurate way to explore on feet

No Sri Lanka itinerary is complete without Colombo, the country’s multicultural city. It is a great first introduction to Sri Lanka, with tuk-tuks, buses, and cars rushing through the busy streets. Colombo is known for its famous buildings within the vibrant Fort district, which includes the terracotta roof of the Dutch Hospital.

Make sure you spend your time in Galle Face Green, which is a beach promenade that attracts a large number of families to swim their toes into the water at sunset while kites fly overhead by the children. You can order isso wade deep-fried prawns or lentil-based cakes then topped with sambol that is spicy and people-watch.

2. Sigiriya: The accurate for those who are history buffs and art lovers

With elaborate pools with royal sleeping chambers, the majestic lion’s paws cut into this rock. The massive granite castle of Sigiriya is Sri Lanka’s most famous site that can be seen through a dense jungle canopy to catch an overview of the ancient Kassapa kingdom. Kassapa.

Although its frescoes, images of women with no hair adorned in jewellery with hair flowers – are well-known, the views from the top of the hill are simply breathtaking. A peaceful hum can be heard from the summit’s terraced top, which is 1.6 square hectares (4 acres). It is

3. Anuradhapura: An excellent way to experience Buddhist culture

Anuradhapura is a bit like every town in Sri Lankan town when you arrive: a dull clock tower with an unremarkable train station and a handful of shops that line the main road. The town’s basic facade does not conceal the vastness of its past as the centre of Sri Lankan Buddhist culture.

The principal feature of the region is its revered Sri Maha Bodhi tree, thought to have come with a cut off plant. Buddha obtained enlightenment during Bodhgaya, India. In addition, Anuradhapura is bursting with archeological wonders, including massive dagobas (stupas), temples, palaces, and reverent Buddhist sites scattered across the forest and villages in the region.

It is essential to wear comfortable shoes for walking between locations. Buddhist temples, despite being in ruins, are still holy places, and footwear should be removed prior to entering. A scarf that covers shoulders and legs is an excellent idea.